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Dr. Ingrid Boveda

Dr. Ingrid Boveda provides psychological, neuropsychological, and psychosexual evaluations with children, adolescents, and young adults that are in residential, therapeutic boarding school, and wilderness therapy programs. Dr. Boveda is licensed through PSYPACT, and can therefore practice in most states.

Dr. Boveda has developed several areas of expertise, including:
  -Neurodevelopmental assessments with females on the autism spectrum
  -Nonverbal learning disorder (NLD)
  -Possible exposure to substances in-utero
  -Effects of traumatic brain injury on functioning
  -Executive function difficulties
  -Issues around adoption
  -Developmental trauma
  -Issues within the family dynamic that are impacting the client and treatment progress

Dr. Boveda brings compassion and an ability to genuinely connect with clients and their families. She believes in an interdisciplinary approach that equally values the input of the client, family, therapist, and consultant.

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